Déborah Shire

Deputy Head of AXA IM Alts and Global Head of Structured Finance & Impact Private Equity

Deborah Shire is Deputy Head of AXA IM Alts in charge of Corporate Development and Global Head of Structured Finance & Impact Private Equity.

Deborah was appointed Deputy Head of AXA IM Alts in 2020. AXA IM Alts is a global leader in alternatives investment, with more than €183bn in assets under management and an established position in real estate (#1 real estate investment manager in Europe, #5 worldwide), infrastructure (#3 global infrastructure debt capital raiser), private debt (#1 CRE debt capital raiser globally, #4 global private debt capital raiser) and hedge funds.

Deborah oversees the Global Structured Finance business, which employs more than 100 professionals in Europe and the US. In 2000, Deborah co-founded the Structured Finance platform, growing it from a €3.5bn business to one of the largest managers of alternative credit assets in Europe today, managing more than €53bn for 100+ clients. In her role, Deborah leads the development and launch of a performing and diversified product range including leveraged loans, ABS, CLOs, ILS, Mortgages and Impact investment.

Between 2011 to 2014, Deborah served as a Global Head of Business Development within the Real Assets team at AXA IM, in this role she was responsible for Corporate Finance, Investor Relations, Marketing & Communication and Business Development. Deborah was also a member of the Management Board of AXA IM – Real Assets and was instrumental in the creation of the CRE debt platform, now firmly established as a global leader in its field today.

Deborah has extensive experience working for AXA group and held various positions both in the Finance and Quantative Management departments before moving to AXA IM Structured Finance in 2000.

Deborah holds a Diploma of Financial Analyst from the French Society of Financial Analysts (SFAF) and is a graduate of Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace in Engineering.