Committed to the highest standards

Our management team oversees our investment decisions. Their strategic guidance underpins our responsible investment activities.

Living our values

The transparent, independent and balanced decision-making of our management team ensures the company’s actions are driven by our shared values.

Clear and engaged
We are committed to the highest industry standards for transparency and independence, inspiring the trust of our clients, business partners and shareholders.

Global collaboration
Our senior leaders collaborate closely, sharing experience to ensure the company continues to grow and evolve in response to our changing world.

Isabelle Scemama
Global Head, AXA IM Alts & Chief Executive Officer, Real Assets
Déborah Shire
Deputy Head, AXA IM Alts & Global Head of Structured Finance
Florence Dard
Global Head of Client Group, AXA IM Alts
Timothé Rauly
Global CIO, Head of Fund Management, Real Assets
Laurent Lavergne
Global Head of Asset Management and Development, Real Assets
John O’Driscoll
Global CIO, Head of Investment, Real Assets
Olivier Thoral
Global CFO, COO and Corporate Secretary, AXA IM Alts
Laurent Jacquemin
Head of Asia-Pacific, Real Assets
Steve McCarthy
Head of North America, Real Assets
Alexandre Martin-Min
CIO of Structured Finance and Impact Private Equity
Christophe Fritsch
Head of Fund Management, Structured Finance & Impact Private Equity
Yannick Le Serviget
Global Head of Leveraged Loans and Private Debt, Structured Finance & Impact Private Equity
Anne Bon
COO, Structured Finance & Impact Private Equity
Laurent Cezard
Head of Business development AXA Insurance companies, Structured Finance & Impact Private Equity
Our guiding principles

Discover our four values

Our investment strategy is underpinned by four core values that drive our decisions and our success.

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Our strategies

Real Assets, real experience

We have been among the world’s leading real assets management groups for over 30 years, bringing our distinctive 360° approach and global investing capabilities. Combining rigorous methodology and deep experience, we remain agile, flexible and resilient.

Structured Finance expertise

Innovators in non-traditional credit and market disintermediation, we cover a wide range of structured finance investment solutions, offering reduced volatility and increased diversification.

Chorus – a risk premia strategy

Established in 2016, this strategy takes a research and technology driven systematic approach. We invest in liquid assets to achieve robust risk-adjusted returns that are not correlated with markets.


Expertise across the globe

With 450+ experts in 16 offices around the world, we have the global expertise to succeed.

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