Dr. Zina Affas Besse

Partner - Deputy Head of Healthcare Private Equity

Dr. Zina Affas Besse has been investing in and operating healthcare companies for twenty-five years. Zina joined AXA IM Alts, global leader in alternative investments, as Deputy Head of Healthcare Private Equity in 2022 after advising AXA IM Alts since April 2020.

Dr. Zina Affas Besse has been serving as Board Member for companies including Eyenuk, Biolinq, Limmatech, Axena Health and Alydia Health (Acquired by Organon (NYSE: OGN)).

Previously, Zina was Chief Business Officer at Novintum Bioscience, a small molecule company developing novel drugs for cancer. Prior to that, Zina worked with various healthcare companies supporting them with fundraising and business development. Zina was a co-founder of Orion Healthcare Equity Partners, a start-up life-sciences venture-capital company where she was involved globally in fundraising as well as investment sourcing and structuring. Zina also spent 6 years as a Principal at Atlas Venture in 2002, focusing on the biopharmaceutical and medical device sectors globally, supporting all aspects of deal making.

Dr. Zina Affas Besse earned a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacy degrees from The University of Nottingham.