Dr Curt Labelle

Partner - Head of Healthcare Private Equity

Dr Curt LaBelle earned MD and MBA degrees from Columbia University and has been investing in and operating healthcare companies for 21 years.

He has served as a lead investor and/or Board member for companies that have developed more than 20 innovative products now on global markets while also producing strong returns for investors. Examples include IanTech (acquired by Zeiss), Moxidectin (voucher exit through Novo Nordisk), Exagen (Nasdaq XGN), Kai Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Amgen), SafeOp Surgical (acquired by AlphaTec), Impulse Monitoring (acquired by NuVasive) and many others.

Dr Curt LaBelle has been the Investment Manager and President of the pioneering Global Health Investment Fund since 2015. He has led the construction of a 12-company portfolio that has already produced eight realised exits and seven companies with products in the market that are improving and saving millions of lives per year.

Dr Curt LaBelle joined AXA IM Alts as Head of Healthcare Private Equity in 2022.