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AXA IM Alts invests USD $25 million into clinical-stage company Vedanta Biosciences

  • 25 April 2023

AXA IM Alts, a global leader in alternative investments with over €186 billion of assets under management1 announces a direct USD $25 million investment as part of a c. USD $106.5 million financing round into Vedanta Biosciences (Vedanta), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. Vedanta is conducting trials of its oral therapies, which re-establish the bacterial balance in patients’ small and large intestines. This investment will enable Vedanta to complete a pivotal Phase III clinical study in recurrent Clostridium difficile infection, a Phase II study in ulcerative colitis, as well as development work in malnutrition.

The investment, through AXA IM Alts’ global healthcare private equity strategy, will provide Vedanta with funds to pursue the clinical goal of re-establishing the healthy bacterial make-up of the gut. Vedanta’s patent-protected technology enables the identification of key bacteria needed to address serious health conditions, the ability to grow the targeted bacteria in its GMP manufacturing facilities, and the methods to formulate the live bacteria into a stable, orally-delivered capsule. Vedanta produces each of the desired bacterial lines, then combines them in precise ratios to produce a Defined Bacterial Consortia (“DBC”) capsule that is standardized and reproducible at high volume using a cost-effective manufacturing platform, creating access to novel solutions to gastrointestinal conditions, including malnutrition, inflammatory bowel disease and infectious diseases.

Vedanta’s DBC candidate in malnutrition will be advanced into clinical studies with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Malnutrition is a severe global challenge and a major contributor to child morbidity and mortality in high-volume, low-income markets. Globally around 45% of deaths among children under 5 years of age are linked to malnutrition.2 These cases mostly occur in low- and middle-income countries. Global malnutrition additionally causes developmental, economic, social, and medical burdens that are serious and lasting, for individuals and their families, for communities and for countries.

AXA IM Alts’ global healthcare private equity strategy seeks to invest in companies with innovative and affordable solutions to global health challenges. The strategy includes high volume markets, where demand for new products continues to benefit from rapid growth in healthcare spending and population growth. The investment into Vedanta represents an opportunity to positively contribute to solving issues associated with infectious diseases and malnutrition, directly aligning to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 5: Good health & well-being.

Curt LaBelle, MD, Partner, Head of Healthcare Private Equity at AXA IM Alts, commented: “We are excited to support Vedanta’s mission to create and develop solutions to diseases of the gut, including malnutrition and infectious diseases, which are major causes of morbidity and mortality more broadly across low- and middle-income countries. We believe our investment may deliver strong financial returns and be a positive driver in developing more effective therapies globally, ultimately contributing to our broader impact and investment goals of solving prominent global health challenges”.

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AXA IM Alts invests USD $25 million into clinical-stage company Vedanta Biosciences
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